Sud Aviation SA313B-C Alouette II

In 1959 a first batch of 17 Sud Est SE3130 Alouette II (later Sud Aviation SA313B) was bought to replace the Piper Super Cubs. These helicopters were equipped with a Artouste-engine. Included in this batch were 3 aircraft for use by the Force Publique/Openbare Macht in Congo.
In october 1960 a second batch of 22 aircraft were ordered.
The aircraft in these batches were codified A01-A39.
In 1967 a third batch of 17 Alouettes (A40 - A56) equipped with the more powerful Astazou-engine (type SA3180, later SA318), followed by a fourth order for 25 aircraft on October 30th, 1967 (codified A57 - A81). Of interest is that aircraft A47 to A77 were assembled by SABCA.
The role of the Alouette II changed after the introduction of the Agusta A109 Hirundo in Belgian Army service and it was only used for helicopter training and liaison duties. At this time all remaining Artouste-equipped aircraft were taken out of service.
After the closure of the School of Light Aviation at Brasschaat in 2006 only a few Alouettes remain in service at Bierset for general communication purposesand will be retained for the next few years.

In 1968 a final batch of 6 Sud Aviation SA3180 Alouette II (A90 - A95) helicopters were ordered for the Rijkswacht/Gendarmerie (now Federal Police). The aircraft were for the use of the national police service but were flown and maintained by personnel of the Army Light Aviation, and two of them (A90 and A95) were even used by the Belgian Army Aviation "Blue Bees" demonstration team. Almost at the end of their career the remaining police helicopters were re-registered to fit into 'G-xx'-serial system.

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