Rumpler C.VII

In the months after the end of the First World War, Germany delivered no less than 354 aircraft to Belgium as war reparation. All of these machines were stored at Evere airfield and together with vast numbers of abandoned aircraft recuperated at former German airbases in Belgium added up to almost 700 machines. A large number of these aircraft were returned to flying condition to be test-flown by the Aviation Militaire Belge or to be used operationally. At least one Rumpler C.VII flew with the Aviation Militaire Belge and was presented between July 19th and 27th 1919 at the "Exposition des Avions de Guerre et du Matériel aéronautique" (Exhibition of Warplanes an Aeronautical Eequipment). Several Rumplers found their way to the SNETA (later becoming Sabena).

According to official documents two Rumpler C.VII aircraft entered service with the Aviation Militaire Belge in mid-1919 at Evere airbase (near Brussels).
There is photographic evidence of at least on such aircraft wearing Belgian military roundels. Unfortunately nor the c/n, nor the serial of this aircraft is identified.

Rumpler C.VII
Mike Terlinden Collection
Unidentified Rumpler C.VII at the
"Exposition des Avions de Guerre et du Matériel aéronautique" at Evere in July 1919


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