Piper L-18C Super Cub

As part of the MDAP-support programme 157 Piper Super Cubs were delivered to the Belgian Air Force from mid 1952 onwards. After a restructuration of the armed forces on April 1st, 1954 the Super Cubs were assigned to the Belgian Army Light Aviation and changed their bright yellow colorscheme to a camouflage scheme.
Out of the aircraft 25 were never used operationally (L88 to L112) and were passed on to Denmark (L88 to L103) and the Netherlands (L104 to L112). More aircraft were stored for several years before taken on charge.
In 1963 the serialnumbers were rationalised and the majority of the aircraft got a new sequential registraton number.
The result was that several registrations were issued twice, which does not really help to give a clear picture.
During its operational career a demonstream team was formed, named "The Pipettes".
All remaining Pipers were replaced by Sud Aviation Alouette II helicopters by June 1970, although for many of them this not mean the end of their flying career as several of them started a second life in civilian aeroclubs all across Europe.

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