List of Abbreviations

The Belgian Military Aircraft Database contains a number of aeronautical terms and abbreviations which are explained here:

1Sgt: Eerste Sergeant/Premièr Segeant (First Sergeant)
1SM: Eerste Sergeant Majoor/Premièr Segeant Major (First Sergeant Major)
ADC: Adjudant Chef
Adjt: Adjudant
: Aéronautique Militaire
AFB: Air Force Base
BAF: Belgian Air Force
BAKA: Basis -Base Kamina
BDRT: Battle Damage Repair Training
BLu: Belgische Luchtmacht
C/S: Call Sign
c/n: Construction Number
Capt: Capitaine (Captain)
Cdt: Commandant
Col: Colonel
CRC: Control and Reporting Center
Cpl: Caporal (Corporal)
: Dissimilar Air Combat Tactics
ECh: Ecole de Chasse (Fighter School)
EVS: Elementaire Vliegschool (Elementary Flying School)
Escadrille: Squadron
Gen: Generaal, Général (General)
Gen Maj: Generaal Majoor/Général Major (Major General)
JVS: Jachtvliegschool (Fighter School)
Kapt: Kapitein (Captain)
KLu: Koninklijke Luchtmacht (Dutch Air Force)
Kol: Kolonel (Colonel)
Kpl: Korporaal (Corporal)
Lt: Lieutenant
Lt Col: Lieutenant Colonel
Lt Gen: Lieutenant Generaal/Lieutenant Général (Lieutenant General)
Lt Kol: Lieutenant Kolonel (Lieutenant Colonel)
MAAG: Military Assistance Advisory Group
Maj: Major
MCVZ: Militair Centrum voor Zweefvliegen (Military Gliding Center)
MDAP: Mutual Defence Air programme

MLU: Midlife Update
OCU: Operational Vonversion Unit
OLt: Onderlieutenant (Sub Lieutenant)
OTU: Operational Training Unit
QRA: Quick Reaction Allert
RAF: Royal Air Force
RCAF: Royal Canadian Air Force
RDAF: Royal Danish Air Force
SAAF: South African Air Force
SAR: Search & Rescue
Sgt: Sergeant
SLt: Sous Lieutenant (Sub Lieutenant)
SLV: School Licht Vliegwezen (School Light Aviation)
SOC: Stricken Off Charge
Sqn: Squadron
TLP: Tactical Leadership Program
TOC: Taken On Charge
TTF: Target Towing Flight
UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
USAAC: United States Army Air Corps

USAAF: United States Army Air Force
USAF: United States Air Force
VFR: Visual Flight Rules
WFU: Withdrawn Fom Use


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