Fairchild C119F-G Flying Boxcar (Packet)

Because modern aviation offered a number of practical solutions to improve the connection between Belgium and its African colony Congo a first batch of 18 Fairchild C119F Flying Boxcars was ordered in the early fifties.
Deliveries started in 1952 and replaced a large number of Douglas C-47B Dakotas.
Additional batches were new-build aircraft of the C119G-type, that was equipped with more powerfull engines and some aerodynamical improvements.
In september 1955 all C119Fs were returned to the U.S.Air Force, they remained stored however in Belgium. Between june and september 1956 8 aircraft were passed on to the Royal Norwegian Air Force via the MDAP support programme. Before handover the aircraft were updated to C119G standard by Sabena. The aircraft were based at Gardermoen and operated by 335 Skvadron. The remaining 10 aircraft remained stored until they were bought in 1959 by the Belgian government and had them upgraded to C119G standard by Sabena.
In 1975 all remaining C119Gs were taken out of service after their replacement, the Lockheed C130H Hercules had arrived. At the time they were replaced, most of the engines had flown about 3.500 hours but had exhausted their lifetime and caused tremendous troubles and single-engine landings.

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