Britten-Norman (Pilatus) BN2T Islander

On january 1st, 1992 the Rijkswacht/Gendarmerie was demilitarised and reported to the Ministry of the Interior. At the same time the Air Support Detachment was formed that would manage all air assets of the Rijkswacht/Gendarmerie.
In order to modernise the fleet a (secondhand) Turbine Islander was bought.

G05 c/n 2146 ex G-DEMO, G-BKEA Callsign OT-GLA
  • 291093: handed over
  • 161193: officially taken on charge
  • 101000: Cat? --> Cat.5 Severely damaged when Siai-Marchetti SF260M ST21, that ran away during an engine test at Beauvechain, crashed into the aircraft. The Marchetti caught fire and was completely destroyed, the Islander suffered fire damage to the left wing, fuselage and the left hand side vertical stabiliser. Although the aicraft was repairable, it was declared a Cat.5
  • 010902: last noted stored Beauvechain
  • 100103: reported sold as LX-REM to CAE Aviation, Luxembourg
  • 301104: officially registered as LX-REM
  • 000105: by this date the aircraft was repaired on site and ferryflown to Luxembourg for complete inspection and final repairs
  • 000005: sold to Senegal authorities
  • 100505: last noted at Luxembourg-Findel as LX-REM
  • 290505: ferryflight to Senegal
  • 000005: to Senegal Air Force for fishery protection as 6V-AHW
  • 000000: cancelled as LX-REM

Britten-Norman (Pilatus) BN2T Islander - Belgian Military Aircraft Database
Melsbroek 190497 - Photo Daniel Brackx


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