Agusta A109BA Hirundo

On December 8th, 1988 the Belgian government decided to purchase 46 Agusta A109BA (Belgian Army) Hirundo helicopters.
They replaced a number of the Alouette II helicopters in the reconnaissance and observation role. The majority was also equipped with 8 Helitow anti-tank missiles.
At the delivery two designations were used; the reconnaissance version as the A109HObn (registrations H-01 to H-18) and the anti-tank version as the A109HAtk (registrations H-19 to H-46).
A few years later a number of Medevac modification kits were bought, than can be fitted on either type of helicopter.
Since early 2003 all Hirundos were brought up to the same multirole standard, so that they can be used for the following 6 types of mission :
- HATk: anti-tank version armed with 4 HeliTOW 2-missiles
- HLR: armed with 2 LAU68B/A rocketpods with 2.75inch unguided missiles
- HRecce: armed with 2 7.62mm MAG-machineguns
- HMed: Medevac version
- HObn: Observation version with an almost identical armament as the HATk
- HTpt: Transport version

Aircraft Details: